Training Classes on Tuesday Evenings

About Puppy School

Puppy School Puppy Socialization and Training classes

Puppy School is an established network of puppy training and socialization classes using only kind and effective techniques.
Puppy School is a 6 week course of hour long classes for young puppies. Its founder and director Gwen Bailey is an internationally renowned dog trainer and behaviorist. She is the author of many books on animal behavior including the bestselling, ‘The Perfect Puppy’. Puppy School is a nationwide franchise and all of its tutors are fully trained and monitored, they also regularly attend training courses using up to date and kind techniques.
Puppy School classes are for fully vaccinated puppies under 20 weeks of age at the start of the course. Classes are restricted to no more than 6 puppies in order to ensure lots of 1-1 attention and individual support. It also means that your puppy shouldn’t find the experience too overwhelming.

Classes have a relaxed atmosphere where all the family can learn to train your dog. Children and anyone who may be looking after or working with your puppy are welcome.

I have a BSc (hon) in Behavioural Sciences and before having my family worked with adults and children with disabilities.

I also spend a year as a volunteer at the Dogs Trust before completing my Puppy School training.

Each week, there are clear handouts to take home to help you with your practice.
Covered on the course will be:

  • Come when called
  • Walk on loose lead without pulling
  • Sit Down & Stand
  • Accept handling (including vets and groomers)
  • Wait
  • Settle
  • Accept people near food bowls, chews, toys, etc.
  • Stopping Play Biting
  • How to Stop Jumping Up
Reward based training will be used in class and you will be encouraged to continue this at home. We use food treats, toys and praise to reward the behaviors we want and like. No rough handling or bullying is tolerated.