Training Classes on Tuesday Evenings

Additional Services

Home Visits and Pre-class Visits

If you are about to bring a new puppy home or have already welcomed your new edition to the family home I can offer practical advice to the whole family including children of all ages on;

What to Expect

  • How best to set up your home space
  • Play biting and jumping up including showing children how to play well with pups
  • Toilet Training
  • Crate Training
  • and any other concerns you may have


To help with ongoing specific problems or areas of concern such as pulling on the lead or jumping up to be focused on at home.


Training, advice and help for those not able to regularly attend classes or for puppies who are older or who may not be suited to class environment.

  • Free telephone and email support for the duration of the Puppy School course.

If desired, I will lead a short group walk with you and your puppies where I can offer support and help to build confidence for you and your puppies whilst out and about.